Alexa can now track Uber Eats orders in the US

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Uber is announcing a new integration with Alexa today that’ll allow you to track your Uber Eats orders via Amazon’s voice assistant in the US. Amazon says the feature will provide updates about the status of an order from when it’s being prepared right through to when Uber’s driver arrives with your food. You have the option of having Alexa proactively announce each stage of the order process or light up its notification light so you can ask for the update yourself.

Now if you’re thinking “Hang on, I thought you’d been able to do this for years?” then I don’t blame you! Uber announced support for hailing a ride via Alexa way back in 2016 (we even made a Verge video about it at the time), and last year, it added the ability to order Uber…

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