A supermodel turned herself into one of Epic’s hyperrealistic MetaHumans

Image: Unsigned Group and Dimension Studio

Czech model Eva Herzigová is now a MetaHuman. The model revealed on Tuesday that there is now a digital likeness of herself in the form of one of Epic Games’ MetaHumans. According to a press release, Herzigová was scanned in a “70 camera rig” and participated in a motion capture shoot to help create the realistic digital avatar.

“This now means that Eva’s MetaHuman can be re-dressed, posed and lit, have her hair and make-up restyled, and her body and facial expressions are ready to be animated using motion capture or traditional animation,” the release says. Herzigová’s MetaHuman can now be used for things like virtual fashion shows and modelling digital clothes — hopefully for better fashion events than Metaverse Fashion Week.

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